Photo by Cory Docken

In 1959, Kevin Fenton was born into a happy family on a small farm in the tight-knit village of Rollingstone, Minnesota. He was born lucky—buoyed by love and energized by rock and roll. Soon, however, the farm was lost; the village school closed, and the family fractured. Thus began a sometimes self-destructive search for new ways to define himself—in friendship, in art, in words. Leaving Rollingstone is about the small town he left behind and the city he chose. And ultimately it’s about the enduring values and surprising vitality of small town Minnesota.

". . . a  heart-stirring and inspired memoir of growing up on a family farm."   -- Peter Geye, author of The Lighthouse Road

"Excellent and absorbing . . . Leaving Rollingstone commemorates a place, but more importantly, a life.” –Brian Kimberling, author of Snapper

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